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We want to create the most extensive ERP system, that includes full functionality and has lowest price.
What we do?
We create database software. It used to production management. The most important products are Modus ERP - production management system and Meso CMMS - maintenance system.
Our company has skilled workers. We create easy to use, very functional programs.
Who we are?
RHO Software is a private, Polish company. We exist since 11 years and we have implemented more than one hundred ERP systems in this time. Further our maintenance system is used over than 15 thousands companies.
Where do You find our products?
Our systems are very easy to implement. We don't use external companies services. Contact us:
Why You should choose us?
We have services at very hight level and acttractive prices. Our systems are very intuitive and thoughtful.

Industry Solutions

  • Furniture production ·
  • Automotive ·
  • Tool ·
  • Stitching ·
  • Other ·

e invented 'Dynamic Variant Recipe'. This solution solved the uniqueness of the product. Each new product is created automatically by the Modus ERP.

This allows for significant time savings.

Simple and trought functions allow to fast implemented our systems. Instructional videos show how to adapt the system, BUT!!! Resignation of implementation extends the period and increases the cost.
We sell systems in whole or in packets. This reduces costs up to 4x.


Contact us by phone 12 421 96 41 / 501 035 378 or by mail