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Intelligent maintenance system

Meso CMMS is an intelligent maintenance software to facilitate and improve work in factories. Program allows to manage a machinery, buildings, workers and warehouse. System collects and stores information and suggests next time best solution. To optimize service orders program suggests the steps to be taken. Allows You to define a schedule inspections and reminds You of upcoming defined works. You can define time or mileage, after which perform the operation. System will notify You about impending time of its execution. This is a big step towards machinery and building proper prevention. Meso CMMS allows to analyze equipment failure. It provides multivariate cost and downtime analysis and failure rates.

Definable service procedures

Each company has own procedures. Meso CMMS allows to map these procedures. You can define service operations and the relationship between them. Further You can define periodic, master and slave operations and assign them parts, cost, execution time and instruction. All of these functions significantly automate work. This avoids errors.

Crash reports

The system allows the registration and collection of information on any breakdown of machinery and equipment. When a failure occurs, the program sends a notification to the responsible employee. This notification is displayed in the program or sent e-mail or SMS. System suggests possible solutions and allows You to generate a service order.


Maintenance workers are reaction for failure reports and prevent them. For this purpose it is necessary to periodically perform maintenance activities. System recalls the period of execution of tasks.

Service orders

Service orders can be manually generate, on the basis of reported failure or notifications. When You create a service order, You can plan tasks, allocate workers and parts. After task execution if there are recommended tasks, system automatically generates new service order, expenditure document and execution cost.

Maintenance schedule

There is a possibility to automate maintenance schedule generate, in the basis of task defined and periodicity. Meso CMMS allows to allocate workers and print a list of tasks. You can to compare provided time to real time of task execution. This allows You to evaluate the effectiveness of employee.


You can define each program window and decide which data should be shown. There is a special analyzes and reports module. It provides detailed information about maintenance. Here are some of the analysis: • Costs and downtimes analysis • Failure rates (MTTF, MTTR, MTFB) • Costs analysis • Times Analysis System offers a definable printing templates. It's very easy way to create a customized template.


• failures number reduction • less downtimes • longer machines lifetime • reduce maintenance costs • greater machinery performance • less parts in warehouse • full machinery and workers control • documented machines story • knowledge and information database • shorter time new employee implement • greater company performance