Modus ERP

Modus ERP Intelligent manufacturing company Management System

Advance production system.

Support for many production models

Modus ERP has been designed to meet the requirements of different production industries

Full batch service!

System supports production series and serial numbers for each product


Analysis system provides all information about the condition of your company...

Dynamic variants

The program can generate products based on definition and entered variables.

Terminals for employees

Special Employee Terminals provide You all information in real time.

Worktime registration

System has Employee's work register. Modus ERP is a tool for small and medium-sized companies. They receive extensive system for little money.


Costs reduce

Modus ERP is a comprehensive tool. It will help You manage Your business. Program includes the most important company areas : orders, sale, full warehouse service, assortment reservation, production, knowledge database, transport, employees settlement, customer relationship management (CRM), computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), material requirements planning (MRP), finance, production technologies, analisys, costs settlemen, calculations, deliveries. Modus combines all system and saves time and money. In addition, the data are stored in a single, central database.

Where do You buy Modus ERP?

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